Why Tromso, Norway?

A little background on Tromsø. Tromso is a small island in the North of Norway, approximately 69 degrees North of the Arctic circle. It’s population is about 75,000 inhabitants, with very few non-native Norwegians.

It is surprisingly a fairly popular tourist destination for viewing of the Midnight Sun, Northern Lights Hunting, Reindeer Sledding, Dog Sledding and other winter activities such as skiing/sledding etc.

I came to Tromso to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights for my 25th Birthday.

Since I was a young girl one of my dreams was to see the Northern Lights. I was an astronomy geek and I just thought it was the most amazing thing.

When I was doing research on what areas are best to see the aurora or Northern Lights I realized the further North you go, the more likely you were to spot the lights on any given night. Unlike other cities in Norway, such as Oslo in the South, in Tromso there only needs to be a level 1 out of 10 in solar activity in order for the Northern Lights to be visible.

However be warned, these lights are not consistent! They are extremely unpredictable and vary minute by minute. As a visitor you can count yourself lucky if you see them at all!

Knowing the unpredictable nature of the lights I wanted to give myself the best odds. So, I came for 5 days and it just so happened that my birthday lies in a period of the year that has more solar activity (end of March/early April & September). I was extremely lucky to see an aurora display!

It’s actually funny because the first time I came across Tromso I thought, “NO WAY, that’s too far!”. And now here I am.


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