Northern Lights Hunting

The night of March 29th the three of us- an Australian, a German and an American loaded up the car full of photography gear, food, and headed out into the arctic.

I contacted a Redditor named Rhys before I came to Tromso. He is an Australian transplant living, working and capturing the beauty of arctic landscapes in his spare time. He is a brilliant photographer and a kind human being whom I had the pleasure of getting to know!

Rhys really made my trip extra special. I wouldn’t have seen the Northern Lights in such a personal way if it weren’t for him (and that German named Frank! )I cannot thank Rhys enough for everything!

Rhys admitted that Tromso had cast the same magical spell on him as it did me, describing it best on his website when he wrote:

“I want to keep this place secret. So that I can continue to photograph these beautiful landscapes with only the wind and sky as my companions.”

His photography is unbelievably stunning. Check out his portfolio at


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