Falling in love with Tromso, Norway

I fell in love at first sight with this little slice of Arctic heaven.

I couldn’t believe I was here when I touched down at the teeny tiny airport. It was a little after 9:30 pm and I sensed the heaviness the night typically brings. Tromso was a small island that much I knew but I didn’t really know what to expect. In the cab ride was when I got my first taste of the magic of Tromso…

As I looked out the window of the cab all I could see was the twinkle of hundreds of warm yellow lights in the distance – house lights and street lamps glowing – winding up hills, and dotting up the sides of multiple enormous mountains.

It confused me, it shocked me, it gave me chills… It felt so magical. It was truly like nothing I’d ever seen before.

I thought to myself, A town…here…in the midst of all these mountains?


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