Female Solo Traveler

It was a long and tiring day. Me and two young girls I met only a few days ago had formed a quick bond that brought us together for this one amazing day of sightseeing in Paris. We were walking back to our hostel through the dirty halls of the underground metro. I was tired so my pace slowed behind the two others for a bit. As I walked I watched the two young women in front of me. My heart suddenly filled with pride – for us, for them, for me – I realized we were all solo female travellers. 

We were out there in the world. We were the girls you read about in magazines or blogs or wherever, we were the go-getters, the ones inspiring others. We had all come from different regions of the world with the same goal in mind, to explore, to see, to do. We all shared the same strength, brave enough to step out into this crazy, scary, exciting, beautiful world alone.

In fact, I met so many other female solo travellers during my short stay at the hostel. From India, Nepal, so many interesting women, and you know what? They were having a blast!

Bike riding along the Sienne with the same brave girls!

Bike riding along the Sienne River in Paris


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