Meltdown Pre-Arctic 101

So, I almost didn’t go to Norway.

The untold background story to my amazing 25th Birthday is that I had a major meltdown the day of and before my flight.

Looking back, I can’t believe I almost didn’t go. It was one of the most daring things I’ve done. In fact, thinking back, I even question my sanity!

Well craziness comes in many different forms!

Now about the meltdown…

I almost didn’t go because I was totally freaking out and thinking I wasn’t ready for such a crazy adventure. I felt unprepared, I felt rushed and most worrisome of all, I had pain in my upper abdomen – home of the pancreas (refer to ‘Whipple Surgery’ under ‘About the Author’ for background information). I was concerned and upset but still mustered the courage to get my things together, go to the grocery store and buy some ready-to-make meals.

Should I go? Should I really do this? All for my birthday…why did I think it was this important.

The next morning at the airport another setback almost kept me from getting on the plane. I was literally so close to not getting on my flight!

Half of the ready-to-make meals AND my pepto bismol were taken from me at the security gate. Noooooooooo….I pleaded with the security guards about the pepto bismol. It’s a sealed bottle for goodness sake! They needed to see a Doctor’s prescription or else it was going in the rubbish garbage. UGH!

I was pissed. I was also really concerned. I thought I am flying into the arctic with barely any food and no pepto bismol. I am the silliest girl ever!

But something in me told me to just go. Just go. So I got on the plane and I went.

To be continued!


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